We work hand-in-hand with in-house legal and human resources departments, and provide consulting and/or litigation assistance to our clients in all areas of social law


  • Individual employment relations: the drafting of employment contracts and sensitive clauses, disciplinary procedures, termination of employment contracts, assistance with the negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements, employee secondment and expatriation, executive compensation.
  • Collective employment relations: the organisation of elections to employee representation bodies, the operating of these bodies (employee representatives, Works Council, Health and Safety/Working Conditions Committee etc.), company agreements, internal regulations, ethics policy, internet policy.
  • Status of managerial or top executives and executive officers: assistance within the negotiations for their arrival/or departure from the Company.
  • Due diligence and social support at the time of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring operations, transfer of business and registered office. The Firm has specific expertise in this area and is able to provide assistance:

         ○in identifying the social consequences of these operations (informing and consulting employee representatives, job protection plans, outsourcing).

         ○in conducting detailed social audits and analysing the impact on collective status.

  • URSSAF inspections


We assist our clients with strategic litigation before the civil, criminal and employment courts, whether concerning individual or collective disputes, including:

  • Individual disputes.
  • Collective disputes relating to redundancies.
  • Management of disputes with the Works Council or other employee representation bodies.
  • Criminal employment law, obstruction of the law, action against company executives, etc.
  • Assistance before the Social Security court (URSSAF / Industrial accidents / Occupational health / employer negligence).